In today’s busy life style, you may not have sufficient time or enough cash to join a fitness center. Moreover, you do not have to waste your resources on gyms when you have effective fitness exercises that can be practiced at your home.

Here are a few of those best easy-to-do home exercises:

  • Skipping: All you need for this is grass bed at your home and a skipping rope. This not only helps burn your fat but can entertain you, since this exercise can be considered to more than a sport.
  • CruchesCrunches: There is no substitute to performing crunch if you want to trim your waistline. There are varieties of exercises that can be used to strengthen your abdominal and side abs. A simple crunch involves lying on your back with both the palms locked in holding the back of your head with your legs partly folded with one foot of distance between them, so that your soles touch the ground. Now, raise your head and chest gently upwards till the top-portion of your body makes 45 degrees with the ground and then slowly lower it down. Repeat this in several sets. Read the rest of this entry »

Although some of us are still bearing the cold weather and feeling like mother nature is sure taking her sweet time to warm things up, before we know it, that short season will soon be upon is. While the thought of suntans and pina colada’s puts a smile to just about anyone’s face; the thought of those swimsuits and shorts paired with our winter thighs may make a few of us turn those smiles right around.

Well don’t worry, that’s where comes to the rescue. If we get on top of our workouts now, we’ll be fit as fiddle just in time for those shorts! Below is Danced-Inspired Exercise to Tone Your Thighs:

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We know many people either can’t financially or simply don’t feel the need to purchase gym memberships, and we are right there with you folks. Here at we want to ensure that these said folks are still able to have access to workouts that can be done without the use of a gym.

Below is a great free at home workout that can be done using nothing but your couch, you can even turn on the tube and watch your favorite shows while doing your workout. Can’t get better than that right?!

Try out these 9 Moves To Sculpt Your Body On The Couch from Shape Magazine, be sure to check out the article for full descriptions and images of each move:   Read the rest of this entry »

Your health is the most important factor in your life. This may be hard to accept upon hearing it but it is completely logical. You must be alive and well in order to appreciate every other aspect of your life.

That is why making healthy food choices is so important. For a long time, health experts have struggled to determine which factor in a normal life is the most important for maintaining good health and extending the lifespan comfortably. Most experts agree that eating right is more important than anything else. You probably put food into your body at least three times a day. You should make sure that this vital part of everyday life does not endanger you with the wrong ingredients.

The Three Nutrients

There are three types of nutrients that are most important for a good diet. You can find them in varying quantities in different everyday foods. Examples of dietary items are included in their descriptions. For more information about healthy food choices, check out this website.


These are the body’s preferred source of energy. The human body can break down each gram of carbohydrate into roughly 4,000 kilocalories of energy for any of a variety of tasks. This energy powers organ function, muscle movements and other bodily needs.

Carbohydrates sometimes get a bad name. It is true that these nutrients often take a long time to break down. Digestion for carbohydrates begins in the mouth, where saliva initiates the breakdown of food containing this nutrient into simple sugars. The process continues all the way down into the intestines.

You can find carbohydrates in grains more than anywhere else. Bread, rice and noodles are excellent sources of carbohydrates. Vegetables and fruits also contain carbohydrates, the latter containing a higher level of sugars that provide faster sources of energy.


Proteins are a critical element in any diet because the entire body, excepting the bones, is made from protein. These are the building blocks of life. Every living thing, plants included, is made from protein.

This appears to make it easy to acquire protein in your diet. However, humans need twenty different amino acids to form the proteins that they need on a daily basis. While the body can synthesize some proteins, it cannot do so with all of them. You must find these remaining amino acids in food sources.

Non-animal sources of protein do not have all the required amino acids. The proper combination of such dietary items, though, can provide these various amino acids. Otherwise, animal sources of protein offer complete protein profiles.

In order to avoid the heavy fat content and other substances found in meat, some people adhere to vegetarianism. They often eat a lot of nuts and legumes, which have high protein content.


Fat is maligned but very important. It provides a critical sheath for neural connections and insulates the body. However, too much fat can be a problem. That is why many people try to avoid meat. However, since fat is still necessary, vegetarians can find sources in vegetable oils and in certain foods.

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The body consists of three different types of muscles: smooth, cardiac and skeletal. Skeletal muscles are the ones that can be seen underneath the skin, and these are the ones that are responsible for locomotion.

Generally when people talk about muscles they are referring to the skeletal muscles. Throughout the body there are around six hundred skeletal muscles, which the body needs in order to perform the complicated variety of movements and maneuvers that are used every single day. Some muscles going to be much bigger than others and others are going to be much smaller, because of the location and function of the muscle. Bigger muscles are bigger out of necessity and they also create the most caloric burn.

A muscle works like an engine in an elementary way of understanding. They take the calories from blood and turn it into combustible energy. It is the same way gasoline is used by cars, without it the engine would not be able to move the gears and levers that create motion in the car. Without calories muscles wouldn’t be able to move the bones and joints that they are attached to.

So if you are on a quest for weight loss then you would do well to work these larger muscle groups in the body. The largest muscle in the body is the gluteus maximus or buttocks, which is actually made up of three different muscles. The glutes (as they are commonly known) are responsible for hip extension, lateral rotation, and for keeping the body erect. This is why many people will walk to lose weight, it is effective.

The latissimus dorsi is the second largest muscle in the body. In fact, latissimus dorsi translated to English actually means “wide back”. It is the widest muscle in the body, running along the thoracic vertebrae to the sacrum. This muscle is responsible for keeping your arms attached to your trunk, exercising with pull ups and pushups will affect this muscle.

The sartorius muscles are the longest muscle in the body, they runs along the side of the thigh down from the hip to the top of the knee. These muscles are used when folding the legs in an Indian style position.

So if you are trying to lose weight a routine that uses all these muscle groups is going to be very effective for burning a large amount of calories. Yoga and Pilates are both very popular now days and both are going to work by activating larger muscle groups causing increased caloric burn.

Even just stretching these muscles every morning will help to burn a few extra calories in a short time. Start using the glutes, the sartorius and the latissimus dorsi today.


Here at easy home exercises, our very favorite exercise (and one of the easiest workouts to get) is walking. Walking can virtually be done anywhere. Yes, it might be a little annoying to walk in circles around a small room, but technically it  could be done!  (Or if you have very limited space, treadmill workouts may be a good option.) The health benefits that come from walking are huge, and just by making little modifications in your day, and looking for opportunities to walk more, you can enjoy those benefits!

We think that walking is so important, that we made up a list of 20 ways to fit walking into your day! Check it out!

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“Proper” nutrition is one of those things where you hear lots of different opinions about it. It seems nobody really knows what they’re talking about.

Below we have a nice Infographic from Greatist that outlines some of the basics of good nutritional information as well as some in-depth studies and findings. I think there’s something here that everyone can learn from.

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Staying Fit This AutumnEach spring, your fear of swimsuit season keeps you motivated to stay fit. With summer comes swimming, kayaking, surfing, hiking, tennis and beach volleyball– you exercise almost every day without realizing it because it doesn’t feel like work. With winter your new year’s resolution gets you to the gym– at least for a week or two.

Yet what about autumn time?

As you watch leaves fall from trees, it’s easy to fall behind with exercise, too. Bikini days at the beach are a distant memory, and instead of splashing in the waves you’re splashing your boots in puddles. So how do you force yourself away from the fireplace and into fitness? Here are Five Tips To Stay Fit This Autumn: Read the rest of this entry »

Stuck at home while the kids are napping, or it’s just simply too cold to go out and get in your cardio run! Try this At Home “Killer Kardio” Workout below that only requires a chair and a jump rope! It’s a great cardio workout that incorporates a bit of strength training as well, all of which can be done in the comfort of your own home: Read the rest of this entry »

90 Second Fitness the vookThe key to successful weight loss and fat burning to maintain an ideal weight is maximizing your body’s natural metabolism. Metabolism is essentially the amount of energy needed to function daily. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you need to intake to sustain a healthy life. The lower your metabolism, the less you need to eat to survive.

Many people find their metabolisms becoming sluggish over time, which comes with being less active or aging. Unfortunately, this can quickly lead to weight gain and a whole host of obesity related health problems. A slow metabolism can also put you at added risk for future disease.

The good news is that there are some relatively simple ways to maximize your metabolism and raise it to a level where you can burn up the energy you take in each day in the form of meals. Here are some tips for boosting your body’s metabolism.

Giving Your Metabolism a Fighting Chance

The number one way to maximize your metabolism is to increase your physical activity each day. This means finding ways to incorporate exercise into your regular routines. One does not have to go out and get an expensive gym membership or personal trainer to accomplish this. Instead, look at the normal activities you do each day and increase the time you spend getting exercise. Then add more activity to the mix.

For example, when you have to go shopping, park further away from the store entrance and walk there. Or choose to bike into town instead of driving. Get outside more and take up some hobbies like gardening or woodwork to increase your physical activity and strength. Over time and practice, you will learn to love this extra activity and make exercise a normal part of your life.

Focus on Lean, Healthy Meals and Snacks

The second way to maximize your metabolism is by increasing the amount of lean protein you eat at meals, choosing healthy snacks, and cutting back on carbohydrates and sugary foods. Why? Protein and healthy snacking provides the fuel that the body needs for long lasting energy throughout the day, which can help you feel less hungry and more energized in general. Opt for a protein rich breakfast, followed by a lean protein at lunch and a light dinner. Include other forms of protein and B-vitamins to help synthesize this in the body. You can find these kinds of nutrients from supplements like the lemonade diet.

Get Into the Fat-Burning Zone

Eat your biggest meals early in the daytime, and take the time to exercise in the mornings to get your heart rate going. Try a brisk walk for 10-minutes in the morning, or some yoga or walking in place to get your heart rate up. You will want to check your pulse to make sure you are in your target heart rate, which will help you burn calories efficiently all day. Remember to breathe deeply to get oxygen to your brain, muscles, and other parts of your body to maximize your metabolism.

Boosting your metabolism isn’t rocket science. It just takes common sense to know when you need to get up and moving, and when to choose the right healthy meals.

About the Author: Kennith Campbell is a physical trainer specializing in off-ice hockey training exercises. Ken is committed to living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.